Uplift Lives, Make Money

ibuQa provides income generating assets to blue collar workers on a lease-to-own basis. We also provide them with training and link them up to opportunities, thus doubling their income while also giving them a path to ownership. For investors who fund this, our operations and technology deliver superior returns with controlled risk. 

I am always busy making deliveries and making money out of it. I usually worry less nowadays.

Boniface Wamocha Murunga
Bolt Food Rider

Reasons Why You Should Invest

Why Should You Invest in

High ROI

The expected return on investment from financing an ibuQa asset is significantly higher than what you would get from equities, mutual funds, bonds, or bills. 

Controlled Risk

ibuQa s fintech platform for lending and operations ensures that we can limit exposure to risks such as defaults on payments, theft and accidents. 

We Do The Heavy Lifting

IbuQa handles all operational details. The investor is kept informed through regular updates and self-service portal. 

Proven Business Model

Lease-to-own financing for income generating assets has proven business models. Our platform reduces risk & simplifies operations.


Impacts Lives

Rental Poverty Trap

Blue collar workers who previously rented equipment for their work can own it. 

Increased Earnings

IbuQa borrowers see a sustained increase in net earnings. 


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