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You’ve heard the stories – mara quails, mara forex, mara this or that. It can make any right-thinking person want to stash their few extra coins deep inside a high-density mattress. ibuQa is different – we help you lease out and manage real income generating assets that do honest work every day and pay you on time every month. We manage the mess; you enjoy the return. 

I can now support my family and educate my kids comfortably.

Maureen Akello
Bike Rider at Uber Eats


We will not let you down

Steady Cash Flow

Your asset earns money every week. It’s credited to your wallet weekly and paid out monthly or on demand. 

Controlled Risk

We work hard to protect your asset. We’ll vet the hirers, link them to income generating opportunities, insure the asset, track it in real-time and manage incidents on your behalf. 

Total Transparency

You’ll have access to a portal where you can view your asset’s status and credits into your wallet in real time. Just like you, we don’t like nasty surprises. 

High ROI

Your assets work hard for you – and for the hirers as well. You’ll earn a return that far exceeds what you’d get from other passive options. The hirers’ income increases too, and often doubles. Is there a better way to make money while also touching lives? 

Platform Features

You will always know what’s happening with your investment


All payments against your asset are credited directly into your wallet in real-time.


We send you a detailed statement every month so that you know exactly what’s happening to your asset. 

Scheduled Pay-outs

We’ll send each month’s collections to your bank account or mobile wallet automatically.  


We’ll send you a message each time an event of interest (such as a payment for your asset) occurs.

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