Chunga Familia Yako. ibuQa Leo!

ibuQa enables you to own an asset on a lease-to-own basis and connects you to income generating opportunities e.g., food delivery. Additionally, we train you on financial literacy and give you access to an affordable insurance and quick loans e.g., fuel loans

I am now self-employed and am able to take care of my family.

Arthur Waweru Kinyua
Bolt Food Rider

Why join ibuQa?

When you work with us, we take care of you – with information, training and support. This way, you can live the life that you’ve always wanted.

Income Opportunities

We connect you to steady sources of work such as food delivery fleets. 

Available When You Need Us

We’ll be there for you day-by-day, sharing useful information with you and helping you navigate any challenges you face. 

Access To Credit

As you build your profile with us, you’ll get a credit score that will allow you to access instant loans e.g for fuel. 

The ibuQa platform is easy to use. The process is smooth, all the way from application for an asset, notifications, reminders, collections, reconciliations, and account statements up to transfer of ownership.

Features of the ibuQa platform

Instant Notifications

The ibuQa platform will send you an SMS or WhatsApp notification every time you make a payment. 


The ibuQa platform will send you reminders of pending payments and any other important information about your lease. 

24/7 Support

Our support team is available round the clock to sort out your issues. 


ibuQa will provide you with training when you first join and continuously thereafter. It’s in our interest to see your earnings rise. 


You can be able to generate your statements of your account anytime.

Looking forward to discovering a world of reliable and trustworthy delivery services? 
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