Who are dedicated riders and how can they help your business 

Let’s imagine a situation where you can’t find your local rider and a customer wants instant delivery. 

Let’s imagine you had a flash sale offer over the weekend and orders are coming in like crazy and you have a gazillion deliveries but no available riders.  

Imagine not having all these problems because you have your own dedicated riders at your business doorstep. ibuQa dedicated drivers are riders assigned to handle only your business deliveries. So, you don’t need to waste your time, energy, airtime, or money looking for riders. You can just whistle to our riders as they are just outside your business/warehouse. 

For instance, let’s say you deal with flowers and people refresh their flowers every day from your store. Making deliveries can be a challenge, especially if you are dealing with local riders as you’re never sure about their availability. This is where ibuQa comes in and allocates you drivers, whose main task is handling your deliveries. 

We have friendly, trustworthy, and presentable drivers to help with your deliveries. And since you will be dealing with them daily, they become familiar… like your friendly next-door neighbour.  

What’s special about dedicated riders 

They are thoroughly vetted 

We go to their homes, we know their mothers, we know where they went to school, we know their chief, we cross-check all their documents and we make it clear that we are no place for miscreants. Why do we go to all this trouble? Because it’s the first step to ensuring your products’ safety, especially when dealing with high-value goods.  

Well trained 

Maybe saying our riders’ training resembles army training is exaggerating (just a little bit), but yes! We do take our drivers’ training very seriously! Our riders are well-trained in handling deliveries. We also train them in customer service and even on how to deal with the most irate customers. This is to ensure that they uphold your company’s brand and image.  

Proper hygiene 

If you sell products online, drivers are the ones who are most likely to interact with your customers physically. The question is, how are they representing you? No customer wants a scruffy-looking rider on their doorstep. A shabby-looking driver says a lot about your brand. That is why we always train and inspect our riders’ hygiene to ensure they are decent and presentable when handling customers. 

They are meant to make your lives easier 

Dedicated riders are meant to help you focus more on your business. You will sell more, and customers will be happy with on-time deliveries and friendly drivers. If it’s a high peak period like Black November and you are getting so many orders, your main task will only be processing orders and our delivery guys will be busy getting them to your customers. 

 In conclusion,  

If you sell only 5 products and spend the whole time worrying about delivering them to the customers, it affects your sales. Your focus should be on making more business revenue and leaving the delivery bit to us. Book a consultation with us for more information on our dedicated riders’ service by calling us on +254 743 750 000. 

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