Caleb Mabuka, Field Operations Manager

Caleb Wafula Mabuka, is our Field Operations Manager.

His daily tasks include assisting in the recruitment and vetting of riders and overseeing the day-to-day activities of our delivery agents.

What did you do before joining ibuQa

Before joining ibuQa I previously worked as a security guard, and a guard supervisor and I have also worked as a teacher.

A teacher? How was the experience

I was a mathematics teacher at a primary school in Bungoma. It was a great experience. One of my goals is to return to school to pursue a teaching course and go back to teaching.

You mentioned working at a security firm, are they as dangerous as people perceive?

Hmm, kind of yes.  I recall working as a security guard supervisor, and I had gone to do a routine check on one of our guard’s properties. When I got to the property, I found them held hostage by armed goons. Unfortunately, it was too late for me to turn back and run or to even ask for help. They bound my legs and covered me with a black cloth. It was like a movie but deep down everyone was scared.

That must have been scary, what happened next?

After a while, we couldn’t hear any movements, but everyone was too afraid to make the first move. Luckily,the bike I was using was being tracked by the security firm I was working for. When they noticed that my bike had been stuck in one place for a period, it was a red flag. They sent people to check on us and that’s how we got rescued.

What do enjoy doing in your free time?

Well, I do enjoy watching Facebook videos and catching up with friends and I also enjoy listening to music.   

How is life as a Field Operations Manager at ibuQa

It is great. I love the experience of working around young and hardworking individuals.

Any challenges?

Yes! 95 percent of my job involves dealing with individuals and some can be very difficult to handle. However, with time you learn new and better ways to deal with them.

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