Ezekiel Mukenya- Delivery Agent

Meet Ezekiel Wahyi Mukenya.

Mukenya has a special bond with bicycles. He lost a close family member to a motorbike accident; thus, the classic black powerful machines have never been his liking.  

He is one of our delivery agents at ibuQa. His journey to ibuQa has really been interesting and this article highlights some of his life experiences, ambitions, and motivation.

How it started..

Mukenya comes from one of those places where you have to hear the name three times before you can pronounce it correctly. Navakholo, Kakamega. People back at home refer to him as ‘Wechuli’ a name given by his grandmother.

He later moved to Uganda, and as a young farmer, he used to deliver farm products from Nakuru to Uganda, already getting work travel experience at a young age!

How it progressed

In 2011, he got a job as a guard at a security firm. With this job, he was able to save up enough money to start pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a journalist. He enrolled in a Mass communication diploma course at the Kenya Institute of Media Technology. After school, he got a job working at Radio Umoja and recalls working with big names such as the late Gladys Erude. He worked for a year as a journalist doing the radio station’s news shows. Apart from being a journalist, Mukenya also trained at the National Youth Service (NYS) and worked as a security guard, and a crew controller.

Life got tough

In 2020, when Covid hit, he lost his job at the security firm he was working at, and it was tough for him and his family.

They say, “When you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up”, In early 2022, this was never the case with Mukenya.  One day, he got home from a part-time hustle only to find, that his wife ran away with his kids and belongings. But this did not deter him, as he started looking and doing small hustles to get him through the days and this is what landed him at IbuQa.

How it’s going…

Currently, Mukenya is at ibuQa working as a delivery agent. With his cool purple bicycle, he delivers products to clients around Nairobi. He still aspires to be a journalist and hopes he gets a chance to continue pursuing his dream.

He narrated that the challenges he mainly faces on the road are bullies. “With a bike, even that pedestrian lacking transport fare, treats you with contempt!” he explained.

And in case you were wondering, the wife never came back but this year he got a lovely wife also from Navakholo, Kakamega.

Asked about what motivates him, he stated, “I have faced so many challenges, but life is always giving me chances which I am always willing to take.”

Ezekiel Mukenyi is a very reliable and trustworthy delivery agent. You can trust him with your deliveries as he has proven to be an honest and courteous rider. To make deliveries with us call us at +2547 43 750 000 or email us at courier@ibuqacapital.com.

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