7 Reasons why your business needs a website

When selling products on social media platforms like Facebook, you know that buyers are always skeptical to purchase items due to the fear of being conned.  

Additionally, using these social media platforms you may face issues such as: 

  • Your account may get hacked. 
  • You might get banned for violating certain regulations. 
  • You do not get to control how your products are displayed. 
  • Someone may also try to impersonate your company’s brand to scam people. 

One way to avoid such issues is to have a business website. A business website allows business owners to design how their products are displayed, and also helps to build trust with customers. When buying a product online, don’t you feel safer paying via a ‘check-out’ option than sending money to a personal account on social media? 

A study done by Hubspot showed that most people preferred buying from ecommerce sites to social media platforms. 40.5% of the respondents preferred buying from eCommerce websites while 36% percent mainly bought from Facebook.   

Thus, you have a physical store, or you use a social media platform for your business, and you are contemplating whether it is necessary to have a business website. This article will provide you with reasons why your business needs a website. 

 Benefits of creating a business website 

  1. Provides more information about business 

A website helps to communicate your brand value proposition, that is, the company’s description, products and services offered, how it operates, and why customers need your business.  You can write articles relevant to your customers and provide expert knowledge on your business niche. For instance, if you are dealing with selling electronic items, you could work on articles like ‘factors to consider before purchasing a laptop.’ This only shows customers your expertise in your line of business, which may encourage them to buy from you.  

  1. Conveys Professionalism 

Even though you are offering children’s party clown services, every business should have a ‘professional’ aspect to it. Professionalism makes your business more trustworthy and credible. If your business has a high-quality professional-looking website, customers will find it more credible.  A website will also allow you to portray your products and services in an organized and unique way, which portrays a good image for your brand. 

  1. Accessible 24/7 

How many times have you made impulsive 12 AM purchases because you came across a business website? A website is accessible 24/7 and can still process orders even during non-business hours. In a previous article, we briefly discussed how a website is like a salesperson. Thus, having a website is like having a 24/7 working employee who doesn’t complain about extra hours. A website also offers 24/7 customer support saving you costs of hiring personnel. This is through chatbots. Chatbots are computer programs that can simulate human conversation. They can provide your product information to customers, address frequently asked questions, etc. This will also provide a faster response rate which will every customer appreciates. 

  1. Enhance customer experience 

Let’s say you dealing with selling household items on a social media platform like Twitter. If your customer wants to see your Knives collections, they may have to go through all your posts to find what they are looking for. With a website, you can create sections such as ‘kitchen products’ and even have a search box to allow customers to type ‘knives’ and are directed to the items available. Websites provide users a great experience since they are easier to navigate. 

  1. Helps you analyze your buyers and buyer personas 

Through website analytics like google analytics, you can learn about your customers’ behaviors and other factors like their demographics and backgrounds. This will help you to understand your buyer’s persona. Sites such as google analytics will show the social media platforms where your audience is more active and engaging

  1. Gives you a competitive edge 

Chances are that your competitor already has a website. If not, having a website can give you a competitive edge and will allow you to dominate that sector. Most businesses have websites, but you can outstand the competition by designing a high-quality website that offers features such as a great user interface, clear navigation fast load times. To read more on the components of a good business website, you can visit here

  1. Increased Sales 

All the benefits of having a website will help to generate sales for your business. A website will provide a wider market, provide a great user experience for your customers, provide more information about your business and so much more. All these are factors that will generate leads for your business. If a customer searches for “best car deals in Kenya” on google, she/he is likely to be directed to websites that sell cars in Kenya. So as a car dealer, don’t you think that if you had a website, such a customer would be a lead prospect?  

In conclusion, 

Starting a business website might be the missing piece to take your business level.  A famous incorrect fact is that it is expensive to create a business website. Did you know that you can create a business on your own and for free? How? In our next article, you will learn about what you will need to create a website and how you can create your own website. To get updates on our articles and similar topics on running your online business, you can sign up here or send us an email at ibuqa@ibuqacapital.com

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