How to identify an ibuQa rider 

Are you a business owner seeking to deliver products to your customers around Nairobi?  

If you run a food delivery service, you have probably heard of cases of riders taking bites of the customer’s food. If you are in the electronics sector, can you just trust anybody to deliver an Apple MacBook Pro 16”? 

You need assurance that you are dealing with a reliable, disciplined guy who will deal with your customers in a respectable manner. Your business may provide clients with great customer service, but the delivery guy can ruin that reputation with ill-behavior. 

Let me tell you what you need…a clean, decent, polite guy to deal with those products and we have the guy!  

Our riders are well-trained professionals equipped with resources targeted to ensure your products get to customers in great shape. 

The following article takes you into how our riders are groomed to ensure your needs are catered.  

How to identify ibuQa motorbike riders 

When your delivery is ready for pickup and you get a notification/call to receive the package, here is how you can spot our motorbike rider:  

Navy blue all-weather uniforms 

Whether it is raining, sunny, or windy, your products must get delivered to the customers.  

Branded courier box 

They have an ibuQa branded courier box which is used to carry and handle even the most fragile products. 

How to Identify ibuQa e-bike riders 

We recently introduced e-bikes to our fleet. E-bikes have proven to be an effective way to deliver products. They are fast, eco-friendly, and are more accepted in CBD compared to motorbikes. 

If you are delivering products with our e-bike rider, here is how you can spot them: 

Branded reflectors 

The riders always have ibuQa branded reflectors. Reflectors protect riders on the road as it makes them more ‘visible’ to other motorists, especially at night. 

Courier bag 

The riders have branded courier bags to distribute products around Nairobi CBD. The bags have features such as heavy-duty fabric to prevent goods from any damage. 

Make stress-free deliveries with the help of our riders. To make deliveries or for any inquiries, you can call us at +2547 43 750 000 or email us at 

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