The digital shift: How to take your offline business online 

You already have a thriving shop. It may be a butchery, hardware shop, or even a wines and spirits shop. Did you know that you can easily increase your revenue by selling those products online? It’s quite easy.  

Customers seek convenience when it comes to purchasing products. It is just a few clicks and voila! the delivery guy is at their doorstep.   

You do not have to go fully online and abandon your physical shop, but just adding an online ordering service can positively impact your business. It will expose your business to a wider market because whether you are selling shoes or clothes in Nairobi, don’t you think that there could be a potential customer in Kisumu or Nakuru? 

Most business owners are skeptical about taking their business online and provide excuses such as “I am not tech savvy” or “my products are too fragile or perishable to be shipped to customers”. Having your business online for people to order and is not complicated. This article explains why you should consider adding an online ordering service to your business and how to do it. 

Reasons why you should take your business online 

If your business has an online presence, it means that a person miles away can still access your business. This will generate more sales for your business, which directly benefits your company. 

When customers can access your business online; it provides them with options. Customers love options. They love knowing that there is a variety of choices to choose from. Introducing delivery service to your business gives them the option to decide to come physically to the store or get items delivered to their homes. 

Steps to take your business online 

The process of taking your business online is not complicated as starting an offline business. These are steps you could follow to adopt an online business : 

  • Choose an online platform to market the products 

An online business requires a platform where customers can view your products. There are a variety of channels you could use e.g., a website, eCommerce platforms (such as Sky.Garden or Jumia), or social media channels (e.g., Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) You should explore various channels and apps until you find the channel that works for your business. 

  • Plan the order fulfillment strategy 

You need a strategy on how customers can order your product online. The order fulfillment process is simple; customers locate the product they want to buy, make an order, pay, and await delivery. On your end, you will only need a delivery system that will help you process the order to ensure it gets to the customer. When planning the delivery process, you should also consider issues such as the cost of delivery and whether the customers would pay before delivery or on delivery of the products. 

  • Determine the mode of delivery 

When a customer orders from your site, how will you deliver the product to them? There are numerous modes of delivery, and you should decide which one would be best to transport your products. A factor to consider when choosing the mode of delivery for your products is the nature of your goods. Do your goods need special care because they are fragile or perishable? If so, go for a method that ensures they get to the customer intact. 

The eCommerce sector is growing every day. After the COVID 19 pandemic, people got used to online shopping. Getting your business online will expose it to a wider market and generate more sales. 

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