Brian Njuguna- Software Engineer Intern


Brian Njuguna is a software engineer intern at ibuQa.  He deals with creating, maintaining, and improving systems to meet the business needs of the company.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Brian Njuguna, a software engineer intern at ibuQa.

I am responsible for creating and maintaining software of various kinds in the company.

What is the morning routine of a software engineer like?

My morning routine is very simple. Apart from the basics like taking breakfast, I always ensure that I start the day by getting into the right mindset for software development. My mornings at work start with a standup, a meeting where I get to brief my teammates on the progress I am making and plan the next tasks.

Is being a software engineer fun?

Yes! But it depends on how you describe fun. Fun to me is solving complex problems and I also find computers drama-free, which is something I value.

If you are not coding, you are…


Favorite game?

FIFA, Call of duty (C.O.D) and resident evil

What are the challenges you face as a software engineer?

Personally, I think the most challenging part is to keep the right balance between work and personal life. Working with a computer can take most of your time without even realizing it.

How is the experience working at ibuQa

It is a great experience that allows me to learn the ins and outs of programming!

Tell us about the best and worst days you have had at ibuQa so far?

The best days occur when I accomplish my daily tasks, but it is also satisfactory when I get the system up and running.

The worst day was when I spent a whole day trying to fix something and the problem was right there under my nose.

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