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If you are a business owner, you know the frustration of late deliveries. You receive an order, get it ready, and dispatch it. A few moments later, your customer is relentlessly calling you complaining about not receiving the product. This never ends well, does it? It probably leads to a negative review, or you end up losing the customer. 

Every customer that orders from your business expects on-time delivery. However, as much as you try to guarantee on-time deliveries, mishaps occur, and you end up with an angry customer.  

Late deliveries are frustrating to both the business owner and the customer. Late delivery can also reduce the quality of your product, especially if it is a perishable product such as food. Lateness also ruins the relationship between you and customers, which may deter some from ordering again. 

This article will show you some of the causes of late deliveries and how to prevent and deal with them to prevent any losses to your business. 

What causes late deliveries? 

Late deliveries are at times inevitable. Some of the causes include: 

Vehicle breakdown 

Speaking with Tarus Kipkosgei, the Operations Manager at ibuQa, he stated that as much as they try to avoid late deliveries, they do occur. For example, a rider may delay when refueling the motorbike or a vehicle may break down, despite being well maintained. 

Documentation errors 

Sometimes an error such as a wrong address, inaccurate or incomplete information or misspelled terms might lead the riders in the wrong direction. A documentation error can be caused by both parties. The delivery company records a wrong address, or the sender may provide inaccurate information.  

System failure 

Most delivery companies use systems to record, process and document deliveries. Systems are prone to failure caused by technical issues such as improper installation and viruses. A system failure can cause an order not to get processed which leads to late deliveries. 

Poor weather conditions 

Late deliveries are sometimes caused by bad weather conditions. For example, if a product is being shipped via a motorbike and it is raining heavily, the delivery may be delayed. 

Spike in delivery volumes 

Logistics firms may get overwhelmed with numbers of deliveries during the holidays or on special occasions. A delivery company that is not prepared for seasonal spikes may not have adequate staff or reserve vehicle capacity, causing delayed deliveries. 

How to prevent late deliveries 

As a business owner you can take the following precautions to avoid late deliveries: 

Counter-checking information 

You should always ensure that you provide the correct delivery information to avoid misplaced orders. 

Tracking systems 

Some companies have systems that help track vehicles and riders so that in case of a breakdown, another vehicle might be sent out to the location to complete the delivery to avoid late deliveries. You should make sure that you only dispatch your orders using a logistics company that has real time order tracking in place and enough staff and vehicles to assure delivery of your products. 

Working with a reliable courier 

The logistics partner you choose guarantees how your products will be handled and transported. When selecting a logistics partner, you should consider the modes of transport used, the services offered, pricing and the systems used to ensure maximum prevention of late deliveries. 

Mr. Kipkosgei stated that to avoid late deliveries, he always ensures that all deliveries are processed using a set of strict Standard Operating Procedures. Riders also undergo training to educate them on how to avoid delayed deliveries. These procedures account for increased order volumes, system failures, poor weather and even challenges with law enforcement. 

How to handle late deliveries 

As a business owner, you cannot avoid late deliveries and, in most cases, what is required is to pass the information on to your customer and clarify the situation. You could also offer the customer a discount on their next order as an apology for the late deliveries to avoid losing them. 

If you are tired of excessive delayed deliveries and are looking for a trustworthy and reliable logistics partner to deliver your products to grow your business, you can reach us at: 0743 750 000 or email us at We’ll be happy to schedule a consultation with you and work with you to ensure that your products reach your customers on time. 

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