The Best Products To Sell Online in Kenya


Let’s face it, eCommerce is the present and future of business. Consumers are seeking efficiency and convenience, but most of us are just too busy or lazy to go physically to buy products. Why waste your time and energy going to a supermarket when you can order anything with just a few clicks? 

You have probably heard that 80 percent of online businesses fail in just 2 years. Let’s say you are an aspiring business owner, and you get this great business idea.  You acquire skills and knowledge on how to provide the product and you even get a website and create social media pages. However, two years down the line, your business cannot break even and end up shutting down.  

There are so many reasons that could make an online business flop and one of them is: choosing the wrong product

However big the internet market is, there are some products with higher demand than others. For example, a car business is likely to perform better with a physical showroom than purely online. This might be because most people might prefer to view the available cars before spending their life savings on them. On the other hand, people are always buying clothes, shoes, and phones online. 

So, if you are unemployed, curious, or just an entrepreneur looking for the next “big idea”, this article will give you some highlights on successful products that you could start selling online and start earning good profits. 

Top 5 online business ideas to start in Kenya  


A study by Mastercard showed that the most sought products online are clothing items. 67 percent of people surveyed stated that they shop online for clothes. The biggest market in this area is women. Women are the world’s most powerful consumers, accounting for 85 percent of all consumer purchasing decisions. Women’s products include clothes, jewelry, beauty products and so much more.  Starting an online clothing business only requires capital for the stock, a smartphone to take pictures and social media savvy. Keymoola fashions is an example that has a presence in the clothing business. They deal with selling men’s outfits on social media which they deliver countrywide.  


Electronic products always have a ready market. People are always looking to buy the latest phones or just to add a new gadget like some AirPods to their “collection”. However, starting an online electronic products shop may be expensive as you may require a lot of capital to start. Electronic products are also quite expensive; thus, you may have to put in some effort to convince people of the authenticity of your business to get them to buy from you. If you are thinking of trying out the online electronic products business, you could look at Plugpoint electronics. They deal with a variety of electronic products such as phones, smart watches, headphones and so much more. They have a physical store in Nairobi but also deliver their products to customers. 

Secondhand goods 

People love second-hand goods as they cost less and are often unique. Starting an online business dealing with second-hand products does not require much as you can even start with personal items that you no longer need or use. An established second-hand online shop is Torik Thrift Heaven. They sell mostly ex-UK second-hand products on Instagram, which are normally sold out in minutes. 


If you are an expert chef, you could start a food business. Food is a necessity for humans and people love to eat. There is demand for food delivery services among office workers and even from people who want to have a good meal at home without cooking. You could start a cloud kitchen or even cook in the comfort of your own kitchen and deliver to customers. Hephies kitchen is an example of a well-performing cloud kitchen in Kenya. They do not have a physical shop however they offer and deliver various Nigerian dishes to customers. 


Did you know that Amazon started as a website that only sold books? Books can never go out of style and have a huge market. Educational books, religious books, and general books are always in demand. You could start an online business that provides books to consumers without the hustle of going to the supermarket or physical bookshops. A good example of a suceessful online bookshop is the famous attic books on Instagram. Attic books have almost all the books you can ask for. They have books on their website that you can buy and have them delivered to you. 

Choosing the right product for an online business is key to determining its success. To successfully create an online business you should ensure to choose the right product, select the most suitable social media channel to share the product, and the mode of delivery to use to get the products to your consumers. 

After you set up your online business, you will need efficient ways to deliver your products. This is how we at ibuQa come in. You can visit our website or email us at to learn more on how we how can assist you in growing your business to its potential.

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